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At Peeky Designs, we’re obsessed with kid’s clothes that push the boundaries in style. And part of our style M.O. is authentic creativity, which means that all of our designs—our patterns, our clothes, our fabrics—are handcrafted.

Our clothes are also ethically made, right here in New Orleans.

This community defines fierce and fabulous for us, but it’s also our hometown. We love supporting our local makers and getting to interact with our creative community in a meaningful and ongoing way.

Finally, Peeky Designs clothes are sold in limited-quantities. Love one of our designs? Get on it fast, because once they sell out, they’re gone.


“Taking the farmers market like a boss! Darker edge to Baby Sheppard’s look thanks to @PeekyD – loving it!”

S. SheppardLos Angeles, CA

"My autistic daughter has sensory issues that make her very picky about wearing clothes. She loves the cemetery dress because it is so soft and comfortable and will wear it even on the days that she doesn't want to wear anything at all."

T. RiceSpringfield, VT

"Freddy wouldn’t let me take his shirt off for the next 3 days after we got it. LOL"

A. RumseySpeculator, NY