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oh covid-19... why you such a biotch?

The short story is.... our factory that made our fabric, as well as sewed our upcoming Spring/Summer line, shut down in mid-March about halfway through production due to a COVID-19 outbreak.

They went back to work on May 15th, and we assumed we'd have our Spring/Summer line LATE, but looked forward to selling to you by end of July.

Instead, the factory shut down.  We lost our deposit on all the garments, and we have no new garments to sell either.  We have no choice but to shut down.

We hope that you will help us recover some losses by purchasing our current stock at these deeply discounted prices.  Please tell a friend, and help us shut down while keeping the shirts on our backs.

Thank you for loving PEEKY.... til we meet again....

(All purchased items are non-refundable, non-exchangeable.  We are closing, the return address is no longer available.)

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“Taking the farmers market like a boss! Darker edge to Baby Sheppard’s look thanks to @PeekyD – loving it!”

S. SheppardLos Angeles, CA

"My autistic daughter has sensory issues that make her very picky about wearing clothes. She loves the cemetery dress because it is so soft and comfortable and will wear it even on the days that she doesn't want to wear anything at all."

T. RiceSpringfield, VT

"Freddy wouldn’t let me take his shirt off for the next 3 days after we got it. LOL"

A. RumseySpeculator, NY

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