Our Story

the walking… designer

When our founder Ann Mahoney was raising her own children, she was constantly frustrated by the lack of cool and alternative kid's clothes. Her son was artsy and a philosopher from the start. He was so not into basketball jerseys.

And so, she created them herself.

Onesies with skulls. Creepy crossbones on plaid.

Mahoney had always sewn during her acting career (you may have seen her as part of The Walking Dead family on AMC as Olivia). When her son was born, though, she went out and bought her own sewing machine: an awesome 1960s original ZigZag sewing machine in the desk for $25 at a thrift store.

And she's still sewing on that machine ten years later.

When her daughter was born, she once against started sewing her clothes. (Her boy-tackling, tree-climbing girl was not super into pink and lace and glitter.) She found inspiration in the European clothes her nieces and nephews wore, incorporating those simple designs and bright colors into her own clothing.

More people saw the unique, alternative kid's clothes patterns and designs Mahoney was making. They urged her to sell them to other parents who craved fun and a bit more bite in their kid's clothes.

From there, Peeky Designs was born.


kids are weird

Let's be real: kids are weird.

Stare at lizards for hours, talk to ghosts, and dress themselves in scarves and glitter and a shower cap weird.

And that weirdness is totally awesome.

At Peeky Designs, we celebrate the weird, the strange, the just a bit "offness" of kids in all of their bold certainty. We never want to silence that with cookie-cutter kid's clothes.


what we do

Our designs are all about authentic creativity, and that force that rebels against boring.

We specialize in kid's clothes in sizes from newborn to 10. Our clothes are handmade in New Orleans, and designed to be functional and comfy for all kids.

The patterns we use are all designed by our team, so you won't see them anywhere else. And, all of our designs are limited-run, so once they sell out, they're gone. You'll only find them online. Peeky Designs doesn't sell in any brick-and-mortar stores, nor will you see us at the big-box online retailers like Amazon.

Turns out your totally-weird, lizard-watching, completely-beloved kid is about to look painfully cute.