The Scoop


At Peeky Designs, we create edgy kid’s clothes that match the unique personalities of our spawn. A lot of cute, with just a bit of bite.

Because, let’s face it, sometimes our kids are all-sugar and all-sweet, but they can also wake the dead when they’re in a mood. (This is a verifiable fact. Our founder Ann Mahoney knows a thing or two about the Dead.)

Peeky Designs specializes in high-quality, handmade children’s clothes that are as fun as they are functional. You’ll find painfully cute designs in sizes from newborn to 10, all handcrafted right here in New Orleans.


Lace and bows, with a side of sugar skulls

Kid’s clothes are usually serviceable, but boring. Pink and bows for girls. Baseball jerseys and blue for boys. And, nah. We’re so not here for that.

Peeky Designs kid’s clothes err towards edgy. Fierce designs that match the personality (and bite) of our favorite just-walkers and tree-climbers and cloud-gazers.

Our edgy kid’s clothes give children permission to be their own weird and wonderful selves. They encourage kids to flaunt their unique personalities and rebel against boring.

There will be sugar skulls and skeletons. Scorpions and spines. (And there will be POCKETS, because where else will they put the cool rocks they find?)

All Peeky Designs clothes are sold in limited-run quantities, with handmade patterns and designs. You’ll only find them on our website, and once they’re sold out, they’re gone. It’s another way we keep our clothes just a bit more special and unique.

just a bit of sugar, all spice

Peeky Designs was founded by Ann Mahoney after she tried (and failed) to find alternative kid’s clothes for her own son and daughter. You’ve seen Mahoney as Olivia on AMC’s The Walking Dead, and in other films such as Bad Moms and Logan Lucky.

From the beginning of her acting career, Mahoney used sewing and clothes design as a major creative outlet. When her son was born, she was frustrated to find only football and basketball and super hero clothes for her artsy little guy.

And, so she made her own.

Onesies with skulls. Plaid polos with bats.

She hasn’t stopped since.

Today, you can buy Mahoney’s painfully cute children’s clothes for the creative and one-of-a-kind children in your life.